w680 Calvin and Hobbes Superimposed Into Photographs

Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorite all-time comic strips. I have read and reread all of the books and am debating purchasing The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set  but may wait a digital version because comics are actually pretty awesome on iPads or tablets or whatever you have.

calvin hobbes irl 4 Calvin and Hobbes Superimposed Into Photographs

Anyway, I was reading Geekologie, a blog for the inner geek in everyone, and came across these superimposed graphics where some guy photoshopped scenes from the Calvin and Hobbes strips into some cool photographs giving it a very surreal look. It makes me wonder if some Hollywood exec will see this and say “I’ve got it! Get Bill Watterson on the phone! We’re making a live action Calvin and Hobbes movie! The kids will love it” I hope that doesn’t happen but it would be nice to have Calvin and Hobbes back in my life again.

Plus, we might actually get to see a live action version of Calvinball.