giant goldfish 2 Monster Goldfish Invade Lake Tahoe     3D

Credit: Heather Segale

Environmental scientists from the University of Nevada, Reno came across a startling discovery deep under the surface of Lake Tahoe while searching for invasive species of fish. They found an area of water where there were 15+ goldfish measuring nearly 1.5 feet and weighing 4.2 pounds. Scientists are unable to tell if the goldfish were introduced to the water as fully grown adults or juvenile fish. Since they were found in the same area, it is  “an indication that they were schooling and spawning” and because they are an invasive  species, it could have a large impact on the ecosystem of the lake.

I don’t think these goldfish will have a detrimental impact to the waters in comparison to what lionfish (a.k.a. the kudzu of the sea) have done to oceans across the world. These goldfish are not only surviving in the lake but they are growing which means they are eating something that is probably a part of a symbiotic relationship in the ecosystem. I doubt that they are eating Tetra flakes. NPR reported  that this was an effect of “aquarium dumping” which has become a problem across the world and led to some of the worst invasive species attacks.