newalbumrelease2 19 13 New Release Tuesday: 2/19/13

This week, we are going to bring you some new tunes from Atlas Genius, Bobby Long, Sallie  Ford & The Sound Outside, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Beach Fossils and The Grenadines. Thanks to Paste Magazine and Grimey’s in Nashville for their weekly recommendations which are integral in helping me find good new stuff to listen to.

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Atlas Genius – ‘When It Was Now’

Synth-pop band from Australia releases their debut album after getting a lot of notice for their single, “Trojans”, last year that people were going crazy for. They put out an EP called ‘Through the Glass’ back in June. It is a little too poppy at times for me but I can see this getting a lot of college radio play. However, I am strangely addicted to the second track, “If So”, on the album which appears on the FIFA 13 soundtrack.  It is the jam.

 Bobby Long – ‘Wishbone’

Bobby Long is a singer/songwriter from the UK and his debut album,A Winter’s Tale’, back in 2010 was one of my favorite albums that year. I’ve been anticipating a new album from him and this one didn’t fail to disappoint. It is a little less haunting than the last but it still has some fantastic guitar riffs throughout and its sound heads towards Americana along the lines of Ryan Adams and Anders Osborne.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Push the Sky Away’

The entertainment Renaissance man Nick Cave steps back a bit towards a more  mellow sound on his first album in five years with The Bad Seeds on ‘Push the Sky Away’. This album is definitely not for everyone but if you enjoy haunting sounds and poetic lyrics then you should give it a try.

The Grenadines – ‘The Grenadines’

The Grenadines is a young act out of Birmingham, AL that has been opening up for some of favorite bands like the Heartless Bastards and Jenny Watson. They are still playing small clubs but I don’t see them doing that for too long. This is the type of music that people are loving right now.

Beach Fossils – ‘Clash the Truth’

Beach  Fossils has taken their lo-fi Brooklyn sound across the world in the past few years but it wasn’t long ago when Dustin Payseur was writing and recording the first Beach Fossils album all by himself in what was most likely a cramped studio apartment in New York. Beach Fossils continues right where it left off even with the loss of its touring bassist.

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – ‘Untamed Beast’

I love coming across a new band every week especially one with a female vocalist who is an absolute badass with a beautifully odd voice. The Portland-based band has put out a killer album with  ‘Untamed Beast’ . This is definitely my favorite album of the week and I’m looking forward to listening to their 2010 release, too!