Image00004 VMOD XL from Vapage

The VMOD XL from Vapage is the first mod that I purchased. As you can tell, I’ve put it to the test by taking it almost everywhere that I go. It’s been dropped on concrete, slashed by my car keys while in my pocket and the other usual wear and tear that happens to  pocket-sized device.

Although it was my first mod, I don’t know if I would recommend the VMOD XL for beginners. It was fairly complicated even with the directions in front of me. I purchased the premium kit which came with both silo 2.2 ohm cartomizer and a hybrid 2.0 ohm atomizer. I finally got the hang of it after a day or two and it was a game changer for me.

The VMOD XL uses a dual chamber design where one chamber feeds the e-liquid and the other chamber brings fresh air from the outside through its nosecone. The VMOD XL is designed for use with the Vapage silo cartomizers and AMG hybrid atomizer but you are also able to use any modern 510 cartomizer such as a 306 or 510. I have yet to try anything but Vapage’s equipment on it but this is good to know if I wanted to branch out.

VPK 0267 2 VMOD XL from VapageThe issues that I found with the premium kit were from the batteries and charger. The battery (Li-Ion 18650, 2200mah, 3.7V) has an odd positive end which doesn’t have the nipple like most batteries. This made it more difficult to press in the manual button when I was vaping. However, the battery itself is pretty high quality and still working six months later. The battery charger is a different story. It stopped charging the battery within two months and I had to go buy another one.

The silo cartomizers are my preferred fairly inexpensive (2 for $6) and last about 2 weeks each for me. I tried the hybrid bottom feeder atomizer but I couldn’t really get into them plus they are pretty damn expensive (2 for $18). I found that I was vaping a lot more of the e-juice than I wanted to when I used the hybrid atomizer. In an effort to conserve, I have used with the silo cartomizers more often.

The greatest thing about the VMOD XL is its portability and ease of use while you are on-the-go. The plastic bottom-feeding tank on the VMOD XL makes it easy to use while you are on the road or going out on the town. I can’t imagine having to carry around a bottle of e-juice on top of the device. The plastic tank holds an impressive amount of juice (about 9 ml) but the large amount of storage does cause some issues when you want to change flavors unless you buy some spare tanks. You can drip into the device for a brief flavor change instead of using the bottom-feeding tank if you feel the urge to change.

All in all, the VMOD XL is a solid device for vaping. It isn’t overly complicated and very lightweight.  It is small and sturdy enough for all day use and travels well. It is something that I have recommended to a lot of friends who are trying to quit smoking or finding an alternative to the nasty habit.